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Chanting Meditation: Won Buddhism Dharma Talk by Rev. Dosung Yoo

관리자 | 2014.10.20 13:58 | 조회 973
On November 23, 2013 at the Won Dharma Center

Chanting meditation or reciting the buddha's name is a method of practice that focuses the spirit that is distracted into many delusive thoughts into a single thought and settles the mind that is wavering in favorable or adverse sensory conditions. Chanting meditation is one common practice that is a part of  all spiritual traditions.

Recitation of the Buddha's name and sitting meditation are two aspects of the single subject of spiritual cultivation. If a practitioner experiences many wandering thoughts, he or she may counteract the distracted spirit first by reciting the Buddha's name. By so doing the practitioner may then be led into the genuine realm of stillness and non-duality through sitting meditation. When practicing these two forms of discipline, recitation of the Buddha's name is more properly done during the daytime or when one is active. Sitting meditation is more appropriate during the quiet time of the early morning or evening.
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