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Comparison of Sitting & Moving Meditation: Won Buddhism Dharma Talk by Rev. Sanghyeon Cheon

관리자 | 2014.10.20 13:48 | 조회 706
On June 8, 2013 at the Won Dharma Center

A research study on meditation is presented. The experimental study expected that meditation learners more sensitive to cognitive type of stress than somatic type of stress would get more benefit from a moving meditation than sitting meditation in terms of anxiety reduction because moving meditation would be less cognitively challenging than sitting meditation. The results showed that the expectation was supported among the beginning meditation learners, but not among the experienced meditation learners. Two meditation techniques were similarly effective for those who have previous meditation experience. This result may imply that the experienced meditators might have the attitudinal qualities of acceptance and tolerance in learning meditation. It was concluded that meditation learning involves cultivating the attitudes of accepting and exploring whatever experience one has even if the experience may be challenging or even negative. 
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