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Mindfulness in Won Buddhism

관리자 | 2014.10.20 14:00 | 조회 1648
On April 12, 2014 by Ven. Chung Ohun Lee at Won Dharma Center 

First step of Mindfulness in Won Buddhism is present moment awareness. It is the watching of what is happening right now in the present moment. Mindfulness helps you to stay in the present. It is easy to live in the past or future, think about the past or worry about future. But Buddha said, "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream in the future, concentrate on the present moment." This is our practice. Mindfulness of present-moment awareness is nonjudgmental observation. In our daily life, it is easy to judge and compare with others. Cultivate this ability of the mind to observe without criticism or judgment, good or bad, likes or dislikes. Therefore, Mindfulness is impartial attention.

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